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Some federal agencies might have additional investigative or adjudicative requirements that must be met prior to their accepting a clearance granted by another agency. How long is my security clearance good for after I leave the federal government? How is it decided what level of clearance a person receives? How many types or levels of security clearance are there? What work does each clearance allow a person to do? Will my clearance be transferable to other federal agencies? How long is my security clearance good for after I leave the federal government? Can I transfer my security clearance for private sector employment? Does having a security clearance guarantee employment with the State Department? Also considered is whether there have been any significant changes in your situation since your last investigation.

Each case varies, but the general time averages about 120 days. You will be given the opportunity to address any derogatory information that was gathered during the investigation and either correct or clarify the situation. What can I do in advance to ease the process of my background investigation?

The Department of State has recently initiated a goal to render a security clearance decision in 90 days. A lot of detailed information is required to conduct a background investigation.

Information such as complete names, addresses, telephone numbers, and dates of birth for relatives will be required.

Ole Miss is charged with 13 Level I violations, the most serious under NCAA rules.

Former football staffer Barney Farrar is charged with a coordinated campaign with boosters to arrange impermissible benefits for a number of former players and recruits, including former Rebels All-American Laremy Tunsil and current Mississippi State linebacker Leo Lewis.

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