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I haven't seen a movie as funny as this in ages. The actors all played their roles well, especially Rob Schnider.

When I first saw the teaser poster for this film, I thought it looked very odd. It is a comedy the way there used to be made before American Pie came along.

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Since the earrings are not for sale, Jessica steals them.

But the next morning she gets a big dose of reality when she wakes up in the body of a 30-something lowlife male, Clive, a career criminal. Now it's up to Jessica (in Clive's body) to find a way to get her body back, while Clive (in Jessica's body) takes advantage of his new body to set in motion a crime spree to put the blame on Jessica!

I am not saying I have to be watched screwing to enjoy it, I don’t, to be truthfull the best sex I have had has been indoors as the sex can be so much more erotic, I just cum ridiculously quicker when being watched having sex outside (if I was a guy it would be described as embarrassing quick, now you understand 🙂 ) but luckily for me, us women don’t have to worry about that and .. 🙂 Would you meet me, get back to nature for some wild fun outside?

Whoever your favourite superhero is, you'll almost definitely find them on here partaking in some hardcore fucking.

Or maybe you've fantasized about fucking every single one of the Winx club?

Have you ever stared at Kim Possible's impossibly sexy teen body and wondered what she looks completely naked and dripping from her pussy while fucking Ron till he shoots his load all over her tits?

He hires a mysterious martial arts guru who helps transform him into a martial arts expert who can fight off inmates who want to hurt or love him.

Jessica Spencer is the hottest, most popular girl in high school.

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