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It's time that I show her what she's missing by not having sex with me and by not allowing me to have sex with her.' Now that he knew his mother was standing in his room watching him while he was stroking himself, his sexual excitement increased tenfold. His MILF of a mother was watching him masturbating. He never thought his MILF of a mother would be as interested in seeing him naked as he wished he could see her naked. I need you," he said stroking himself a little faster and harder.He never thought his MILF of a mother would watch him masturbating in the way that he wished he could watch her masturbating. Now that she knows that he was masturbating over her, unable to open his eyes to look, not wanting to embarrass her to make her to leave, he didn't want her to know that he knew she was there watching.

He was lost in the world of forbidden sex with his best friend who was now his imagined lover and who happened to be his mother.Besides, too focused on receiving an imagined blowjob from Kim and too near to ejaculating a load of his cum in Kimberly's beautiful mouth, he needed to stay focused and to keep his eyes closed while enjoying his long-awaited blowjob.He just needed to hump her mouth a little more and fuck her face a little longer for him to cum.She was the one who stayed to watch without making her presence known.She was the one who should be embarrassed and not him.

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