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By the time I came on the show, they had already created the most beautiful and poetic version of creating robots that I could imagine.

I could have abstracted that, but when I looked at the hosts inside the show, and the beautiful white translucent liquid, I thought the process itself seemed very poetic as it was, so instead of trying to represent that in an abstract way, I wanted to use the same design elements, the same robot arms, the same way the people turn in the circle.

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One of the things that the show does well is the naked human body.

The player piano is a primitive form of robot, so we’re exploring the difference between animal and man and machine in very specific ways. It’s the bizarre nature of someone being created to be made redundant, and that is something we can all relate to, and the kind of thing that will provoke stories as it goes on.

You called it a “white translucent liquid.” It looks like milk, which is also used in the show.

It doesn't mean that you're lazy, it doesn't mean you lack discipline,' one of the women included in the project said.'I want to make sure that I have the same influence on my daughter as my mum had on me,' another added. Amy, 30, says that she has only come to love her body in the past two and a half years.'After years of dieting, exercising to no end, cutting out food, it has taken having two beautiful daughters to change this,' she said.

The project, shared on the House of White blog, incorporates nine personal stories from women who span a broad spectrum of dress sizes and attitudes. 'My girls have not only changed the way I see and perceive my body but also how I see the world! Another woman who took part in the project, Anueta, spoke of battling sexual abuse in the past and 'fighting' her body throughout her teenage years.

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