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In this book, I bring an anthropologist's approach to bear on the three interrelated crises of environment, economy and identity. And, not least, here: It used to be said that there were three kinds of anthropologists: Those who have done fieldwork in one location, those who have done fieldwork in two, and Fredrik Barth.The Norwegian-language subsite can be accessed here. Accelerated change is the order of the day, so after seven years without a single update (paper is a static medium), it was necessary to make many little changes to the book, as well as a few larger ones. The current section about Cuban exceptionalism, to mention but one example, is virtually identical with the 2007 version.Check the Overheating You Tube channel for online lectures and videos such as this one: Overheating: The anthropology of accelerated change(Poznan, October 2014) Grammars of inclusion and exclusion: Options for 21st century nations (LSE, April 2014)) and a book series with Berghahn. It is the age of the Anthropocene, of humanity's indelible mark upon the planet.I nevertheless now give priority to my page at, which I update as often as I can.• Globalization: The Key Concepts, 2nd edition • Xenophobic exclusion and the new Right in Norway • Writings about 22 July 2011 • Divided by a shared destiny • Stacking and temporality • Communicating cultural difference and identity (as ) • As from 2015, this section is no longer being updated. These are the last entries before the shift: • Anthropology Now and Next: The 13th EASA meeting took place in the steaming hot, but friendly and relaxed capital of Estonia, and among the pleasures of the conference was a book launch honouring Ulf Hannerz' many contributions to anthropology.

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