Dating people from abroad

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This wouldn’t have been such an issue if I was newly single and wanted a break from the dating scene.

Living in a small Thai town is not something I regret.

I find myself indulging in too much introversion and my social life is completely fucked up.

The worst part of this being that I can do fuck all about it.

I am in a small town where everyone knows who I am and there are only five other foreigners. I don’t hate hanging out with the other foreigners, all of them are rad but it is just an impossibly small social group.

If I make the mission into the nearest big city I can hang out with more people but they all end up being the other English teachers and the handful of locals who speak English. As someone who has grown up in two of South Africa’s biggest cities, I am used to being able to meet tons of new people and my Tinder always having someone to swipe.

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