Dating over seas sacromento service

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Three out of five seniors do not have the lowest cost, optimal plan for their circumstances. Included photo is Maxine and I chilling on our patio.________________________________________________________________________________ Bahling, Kathleen Marshall – Rogue River, OR Leroy and I have been married over 48 years. We like to travel, but also enjoy staying at home and being with family and friends. _____________________________________________________________________________ Barnes, David – Medford, OR (Attending reunion) My father raised me from age five, but in summer I visited my mother in Reno where she owned a boarding house.

The weekend before school started and our first game, Fred Holder, Ron Atkins and John Frost kidnapped me. I graduated from USC in 1968 and I missed my Vietnam tour because of my instant family: lovely Kim and two wonderful children: Allen, now 47 married and one grandson Allen Jr. It was here that I met my current wife of 32 years, the indomitable Maxine. Maxine and I moved to Irvine, CA and we had two boys: Adam (now 29 and a Pilot for Sky West) and Garret (now 23 and just graduated from Cal-Poly SLO with a BS in BS). With the advent of digital imaging, rather than adapt or die, I sold out!

They saw the insanity of my actions and dragged me off to Laguna Beach for a surfing trip. (He is sooo handsome) living in Northern CA.; my daughter, Andrea Rose now 44 living in Murrieta CA with her God-fearing husband Scott and two of the finest grand-children ever: Colin and Cailen. I took my money and ran to my next adventure as the Western Regional Manager for Pro-Net Tracking Systems.

The legendary Fred Schwartz from Ohio (aka me) was never heard from again. (We can compare notes on whose grandkids are best.) I am most happy and proud that both families are born-again Christians. We assisted the FBI and local law enforcement to track and apprehend bank robbers through our advanced micro-electronic devices. I decided to enter the insurance industry and became an independent AFLAC duck in about 1997.

I was married for 36 great years to a girl from Downey and have two kids, a boy and a girl. The kids are working and living in the Sacramento area. I enjoy shooting, fishing, golf, riding my Harley and having fun with my eight-year-old grandson.

I live in Davis, a suburb of Sacramento but I’m looking at moving to Lake Havasu. __________________________________________________________________________________ Arnold, Robert – Mesa, AZ (Attending reunion) I worked for the City of Lynwood Recreation Department during high school and one year after graduation, and married Margaret Buchmann, a 1963 graduate. I became a Police officer for the City of Costa Mesa from 1964 to 1969.

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