Dating an eternal bachelor

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Subhadra has been living in Dwarka with her son after the Pandavas left for exile.

Now she is miserable at her own brother’s change in heart. Krishna advises Balarama not to take any hasty decision, but Dau won’t listen.

A unique Thakur community here of sixty families has preserved for hundreds of years three different folk forms Chitrakathi, marionettes and leather puppets. film_id=191&categories_id=17)1) A ‘discontent’ with the main narrative of the Mahabharata regarding its silence on some characters and situations particularly the next-generation Pandavas 2) ‘Reminiscence’ of appealing myths of the main narrative 3) Silence of the main narrative on some relations and aspects of relationship.

4) A perceived ‘sidelining’ or ‘marginalising’ of certain characters particularly the next-generation Pandavas in the main narrative.

( This is very interesting because the Indonesian version of Mahabharata has great resemblance with the Indian folk-versions.

The Indonesian version developed independently to a large extent thereafter, but the parallelism is striking.

Mushir Ahmad directed a 19 minutes English Documentary in 1978 titled ‘Chitrakathi.’ The Documentary film traces the evolution of Chitrakathi, the folk form in the Konkan area of Maharashtra, while revealing the transformation being brought about by the modern life.

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In recent times there has been renewed interest in the Chitrakathis.Abhimanyu’s marriage with Balarama’s daughter Sashirekha or Vatsala is a unique story.This story is not to be found in the main Mahabharata narrative or in any Sanskrit literature or scriptures. Balarama and Revati have a daughter – Shashirekha or Vatsala.When Abhimanyu comes to know of his mother’s grief, he is furious at the insult to his mother, father and to himself.He is not ready to make any compromises with honour. The idealism and romance of childhood love is inadequate in the face of an adult world. Without a state a prince is more ordinary than a commoner. As they set foot in Hidimbavana, Ghatothkacha blocks their way.

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