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Saudi customs authorities enforce strict regulations concerning the importation into the country of banned items such as weapons, and items held to be contrary to the tenets of Islam, such as pork products, alcohol, pornography (including images of scantily clad people, particularly women), religious books and materials (other than those reflecting orthodox Islam).For more information and declaration forms, visit the Saudi Customs website.Women visitors and residents travelling alone who are not met by sponsors have experienced delays before being allowed to enter the country or to continue on other flights.Since February 2008, a Saudi man who wants to marry a foreign woman must sign a binding agreement to allow her and their children to travel freely to and from Saudi Arabia. Visa and other entry and exit conditions (such as currency, customs and quarantine regulations) can change at short notice. Contact the nearest Embassy or Consulate of Saudi Arabia for up-to-date information.Applicants for Saudi visas need to provide fingerprints with their applications.There is also a risk of sectarian attacks in Eastern Province, highlighted by numerous attacks against mosques. The Australian Government's longstanding policy is that it doesn't make payments or concessions to kidnappers.

Border authorities will not permit Australians to enter Saudi Arabia if travelling on an emergency passport.Eastern Province and surrounding areas Take particular care in Eastern Province and surrounding areas.Gunmen have periodically targeted security patrols in this area and Shia places of worship.Planned or indiscriminate and opportunistic attacks targeting Westerners, and venues frequented by Westerners, are possible.Possible targets include shopping malls, restaurants, recreational facilities and other symbols of Western culture. Take particular care when travelling outside towns and cities.

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